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Apostolic Church of Topeka

2313 S.E. 29th St., Topeka


El Shaddai Ministries Church of God in Christ

920 S.E. Sherman Ave., Topeka

Our Mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all people through the power of the Holy Spirit. To promote real Christian community and Christian education that brings them into fellowship with Jesus, helps develop them into Christ-like maturity and equips them for today’s ministry in the home, the church, the community and the world so that God is glorified.

My Church family gives me:
God's purpose to live for (Mission).
God's people to live with (Membership).
God's principles to live by (Maturity).
God's profession to live out (Ministry).
God's power to live on (Magnify).


Emmanuel Temple Church of God in Christ

1101 S.E. Lafayette St., Topeka

A church that reaches out to minister to the needy.


Full Gospel Lighthouse Mission

2135 S.E. Indiana Ave., Topeka

Believes in the Full Gospel, the Holy Ghost, Gift of the Spirit, miracles and healing.

Church of God in ChristPentecostal

Gethsemane Church of God in Christ

1404 N. Kansas Ave., Topeka

Gethsemane Church of God In Christ is a fellowship of believers that purpose to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to equip believers through discipleship. We are committed to fellowship through praise and exaltation of Jesus Christ. Showing God's love, we strive to reach a hungry world with Jesus Christ through obedience to the Great Commission to win souls. As believers in the God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit we aim to prepare individuals for the return of Jesus Christ, through the study and application of the Holy Bible. 


Good Shepherd Family Church

7630 S.W. 21st St., Topeka


River of Life Family Church

1601 N.E. Seward Ave., Topeka

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