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Assembly of God

Mission Hill Church

8334 S.W. 21st, Topeka

Connect to God, to others and to your calling.

(Mission Hill Church is a satellite location of Topeka First Assembly of God reaching out to people 18 to 35 and young families.)

United Methodist

New Hope United Methodist Church

2915 SW 8th Ave., Topeka

To build a Christian community where the non-religious, nominally religious and long-time religious are becoming deeply committed Christians.


New Jerusalem Baptist Church

1018 S.E. 8th Ave., Topeka

Moving from membership to ministry. Focusing on the mission.

Independent Baptist

North Rock Baptist Temple

2322 N.E. Laurent St., Topeka

We are an old-fashioned Bible-believing church that still sings the old hymns.

Southern Baptist

Northern Hills Baptist Church

920 N.W. 62nd St., Topeka

The purpose of Northern Hills Baptist Church shall be to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. We as members of Northern Hills shall gather in fellowship, exalt our Lord Jesus Christ, go out and meet the spiritual and physical needs of others, proclaim the Gospel, and lead believers to maturity in Christ, growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ, and fellowship in his church.


Northside Church of Christ

555 N.W. 46th St., Topeka

We follow the Bible.

Disciples of Christ

Oakland Christian Church

1001 N.E. Michigan Ave., Topeka

Church of the Nazarene

Oakland Church of the Nazarene

939 N.E. Oakland Ave., Topeka

Whatever it takes to help people find Jesus and to creatively serve the poor and the broken.


Oakland Presbyterian Church

2810 N.E. Thomas Ave., Topeka

The little church with the big spirit.

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