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Baha'I Faith

Baha'i Faith Community of Shawnee County

603 SW 8th, Topeka

To promote the oneness of God and the unity of humankind.


Bethel Apostolic Church

3113 S.E. Keystone, Topeka


Christ's Church

222 N.W. Paramore, Topeka

United Methodist

East Topeka United Methodist Church

708 S.E. Lime St., Topeka



924 S.W. Henderson Rd., Topeka

Eckankar teaches that everyone is soul, and soul is the spark of God. We are here for spiritual experience to gain self and God realization on our journey back home to God.

Church of God Prophecy

Fairfax Church of God

436 S.E. Fairfax, Topeka

We preach salvation, sanctification and the Holy Ghost.

Independent Baptist

First Baptist Church of Auburn

8th and Washington, Auburn

We are the church of the second chance. No matter where you are in life, no matter what you've done, you are loved here.

(Church is the oldest Baptist church in Kansas.)

Free Will Baptist

First Free Will Baptist Church

3900 S.W. Shunga Dr., Topeka


Full Gospel Lighthouse Mission

2135 S.E. Indiana Ave., Topeka

Believes in the Full Gospel, the Holy Ghost, Gift of the Spirit, miracles and healing.

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