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Community Church

1819 S.W. 21st St., Topeka

Community Church: Where Jesus is Lord.

Community of Christ

Community of Christ

5252 S.W. 19th St., Topeka

To demonstrate the love of God by:
1. promoting personal relationships with Jesus Christ
2. accepting everyone
3. caring actions
4. encouraging spiritual growth

Mennonite Brethren

Cornerstone Community Church

7620 S.W. 21st St., Topeka

Passion for God. Compassion for people.

United Methodist

Countryside United Methodist Church

3221 S.W. Burlingame Rd., Topeka

Countryside United Methodist Church is:
Centered in Christ
Cultivated in Community
Called to Care

Southern Baptist

Covenant Baptist Church

5440 S.W. 37th St., Topeka

Leading entire families to lead revolutionary lives for Christ.

Visit for the latest information on the programs, groups and ministries of Covenant Baptist Church. For the church calendar of current events, go to

United Methodist

Crestview United Methodist Church

2245 S.W. Eveningside Dr., Topeka

Small enough to care. Big enough to serve.

Church of God in Christ

Eastside Church of God in Christ

2724 S.E. 10th St., Topeka


El Shaddai Ministries Church of God in Christ

920 S.E. Sherman Ave., Topeka

Our Mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all people through the power of the Holy Spirit. To promote real Christian community and Christian education that brings them into fellowship with Jesus, helps develop them into Christ-like maturity and equips them for today’s ministry in the home, the church, the community and the world so that God is glorified.

My Church family gives me:
God's purpose to live for (Mission).
God's people to live with (Membership).
God's principles to live by (Maturity).
God's profession to live out (Ministry).
God's power to live on (Magnify).

United Methodist

Elmont United Methodist Church

3024 NW 66th St., Topeka

Little church with a big heart.

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