Making a case for Christianity

July 24, 2015

God makes sense of confusion

To quote the title of a Temptations song from 1970, the world today seems to be a “Ball of Confusion.”

In the midst of the strife both at home and abroad, it is often left to religious leaders or philosophers to make sense of it all.

In his new book “True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World” (InterVarsity Press, softcover, 176 pages, $15), author David A. Skeel Jr. says Christianity is uniquely positioned to answer many of the most pressing questions of the hour.

Skeel asserts Christianity proves more than able to handle the most perplexing questions of the day — including the topics of suffering and the inability of humans to create a just social order.

Ultimately, Skeel presents the argument that only God can make sense of the turbulence that is swirling around the world today.

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